Music Mind Games


Music Mind Games I

Beginner level class for Ages 4-6. Children will have fun learning basic music theory (sounds, rhythm, music alphabet, keyboard and more) through playing games. We will be using the Music Mind Games Program which was developed by a prominent Suzuki Method Teacher – Michiko Yurko


Music Mind Games II

This class is for older kids Ages 7-9, who wish to explore music in a deeper way and have fun in the mean time. Ear training, rhythm clapping, note reading, solfege and lots more through the Music Mind Games Program.

Why use Games for Music learning?

  1. It is easy to hold students’ attention
  2. Students relax and learn faster
  3. Memory training happens naturally
  4. Students learn to work cooperatively
  5. Students feel progress and a sense of accomplishment
  6. Students are empowered to learn rather than to be taught
  7. Students happily repeat games, which is fundamental to learning
  8. Multiple learning strengths are engaged (visual, oral, kinesthetic, auditory, tactile)
  9. Games create a manageable sequence of skills
  10. Games allow teachers to evaluate comprehension and track progress without testing
  11. Games allow teachers to personally relate to each student
  12. Games are fun!