What’s The Best Instrument For Kids To Learn?

There are approximately one thousand, five hundred musical instruments on planet earth…and most we’ve never even heard of (what’s a cat piano?) So how do you decide the best instrument for kids to learn?

A child is probably only considering about three or four different instruments, such as piano, violin or guitar. And this can be tricky for parents, who often think, “What if I let them choose the wrong instrument”? or “What if they choose drums?”. (We should add that an electronic drum kit is a quieter option that works great for apartments and small houses!)

The most versatile and popular instrument is still the piano. You just won’t find anything else that’s able to cover such a broad range of pop, jazz, classical and rock music as easily. This is why it is known as a “foundational instrument”.

Best Instrument For Kids Music Lessons New Westminster

Guitar and violin remain very popular in our school, due to the expressive nature of stringed instruments. Plus, they’re easier to bring home than a piano. Many students who enjoy rock music gravitate toward the electric guitar. If your family attends church, acoustic guitar works very well for praise and worship music.

Physical Ability

When choosing an instrument for a child, you should consider factors such as physical size, natural ability and the child’s likes and interests. For example, a student with tiny hands may have trouble playing the upright bass. A student with large fingers may have trouble fretting chords on an electric guitar (disclaimer: we strongly believe that any physical limitation can be overcome by dedication and practice, within reason).

No matter what a child chooses, the most important thing is the support they receive and effort they put in. Having a great, professional teacher will make them want to practice and grow their musical vocabulary.

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