If you have children, then you’re most likely noticing certain skills that are developing early. For instance, some children have a strong aptitude for sports, or art. We constantly hear that not every child develops at the same rate, but why do some children seem to pop out of the womb, already singing opera?

Sometimes we hear parents say that their child isn’t “musical” because they don’t show a natural skill for it. This is usually because the child simply doesn’t understand the language of music. Just because they can’t sing doesn’t meant they’re not bursting with potential.

Music is a Learned Skill

Here’s an example: If I gave you a pair of skis, and you had no idea how to use them, you probably wouldn’t have much fun (and probably end up hurting yourself!) But you likely wouldn’t hear someone say “oh, they just aren’t natural skiers”. That would be silly, since skiing is a learned skill that doesn’t come naturally to most people.

Over the years, time and again, we have seen that anyone can learn to play music, and the benefits are scientifically proven. (For example, Time magazine ranks music lessons as number one on their list “How to Make Your Kids Smarter”) Music makes kids smarter. It helps with math, and problem solving. It gives them social skills and creative thinking.

Music Lessons Smiling Boy

Your Child Can Excel

We fully believe that if your child picks up an instrument (any instrument is fine), practices regularly and focuses on improving, they can surpass someone with natural talent who doesn’t practice.

And who knows? Your child may end up a famous musician one day. We’ve seen children blossom when given a violin, or guitar, or drums. If they don’t take to a certain instrument right away, don’t force anything. Maybe your ballet-loving little girl wants to play Led Zepplin on drums. Maybe your son loves hip hop but secretly wishes he could play violin. They just need to take the first step and begin taking private music lessons. Our professional, highly trained teachers can inspire a love of music in your child that will help them develop and grow.

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