In Home Music Lessons or School? Which one is better for my child?

You’ve decided to put a child into music lessons – great! By making that choice you are on the road to having, statistically, a more creative, intelligent and successful child. You’ve picked an instrument and you’re all ready to start – but where? Are In Home Music Lessons or lessons at a local school better?

You have several options for music lessons. Let’s look at them in order:

Option One: In Home Music Lessons

This is a fast-growing type of lesson today, and it’s easy to see why: A music teacher drives to your home and teaches, using your own piano or drum set, or guitar. The benefit here is obvious – no need to leave the house, sit in traffic, or find parking. However, let’s ask some important questions about lesson quality: Is your child really able to concentrate? Did your teacher show up on time? Is the dog barking? Are siblings trying to pester each other during the lesson? And who’s keeping tabs on the teachers?

Speaking of siblings, one drawback with in home lessons is the inability to have more than one sibling learn at a time – a local school will be able to do 2-3 children at a time, saving the parent 30-60 minutes in waiting. The extra waiting time tends to undo any benefit gained by not having to drive anywhere.

(Note: Along with in-person lessons, this also describes some of the challenges with online training courses and YouTube videos. Also, although convenient, learn-at-home courses tend to lack the accountability and regularity that a human teacher provides.)

in home music lessons

Option number two: Drive to a music teacher’s home.

The possible benefit is that the teacher might have a dedicated space for learning. However, there could still be distractions if their family or pets are home. There’s still no-one checking the teacher’s qualifications; for example the teacher may be under-qualified to teach to your child’s level, however without doing research and asking for proof of qualifications, most customers won’t find out before doing business with them. In addition, their set-up may not be ideal (out of tune piano, improperly maintained drum kit). Lastly, they can only teach one sibling at a time – imagine having a 1 hour wait versus a 30 minute wait in a local school. And where do they hold their recitals?

Option Three: professional, private lessons at a music academy.

The individual practice rooms ensure no distractions, and the school is well equipped with in-tune pianos, books, and staff to help with scheduling and billing. If you have multiple children, they can take lessons at the same time. This is simply the best way to learn an instrument, and what better way to showcase your child’s new skills than at a fancy, professional and fun recital?

So why not make the best choice – high-quality music instruction to make your lesson money go further, and build musical skills faster than you ever thought possible.
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