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March 2015

In New Westminster we’re enjoying the mid point of our 1st Spring Break week already! When is your Spring Break? They seem to be all different now.

I was reminded of this article below as my daughter and I tried an activity she found ‘hard’. I hope you find inspiration in it as you encourage your children to keep playing over their time off.

Enjoy your Spring Break,

Vashti Fairbairn

Getting the most out of Practice – Part 4: Self Talk
by Jeff Comas (Knoxville, TN)

One of the worst mistakes a student can make is to use negative self-talk about learning music. Our brains automatically tend to try to make true, what we believe. If we say or think something frequently, about ourselves, we will believe it. So, if we say “I can’t do that.” it will probably be true. Over the years I’ve seen many students create self-fulfilling prophecies. Students say things like “Counting music messes me up.” Or- “I struggle with rhythm.” Or, “I can’t get the hang of reading music.” These things usually become true because the student believes it.

What makes it worse is that if you don’t believe that you can do it, you will probably not even try. Why should you, if you are sure you won’t have success? This is why positive self-talk is so important for success with learning and playing music (and anything else really).

If we replace our negative talk with affirmative words and thoughts we will start believing that. I’m going to give you some general statements that you or your child should use to help improve learning music.

• I love music, it is easy and fun for me to learn
• I naturally count and learn rhythms with ease
• I learn my music in small parts that are easy to understand and do
• I easily remember note names and relate them to my instrument
• I can clearly imagine my music
• I like to play music everyday

You can custom make new statements to suit your current situation. For example: If you have an upcoming recital you might say- “I feel good about my upcoming recital, because I know I will be well prepared.” Or- “This performance will be easy I know my music so well.” I think you get the idea.

As we enter this new year lets resolve to have more success and fun learning music. Try saying, or having your child say, positive statements, out loud, just before practice. The brain will automatically try to make them true. Keep doing it, and do it with other things in your life too. I’m betting you see a difference.


Affirmations are a great way to motivate yourself in a positive way! Try this experiment, and over the next few weeks say these to yourself every day before you practice your instrument or come in for your lessons! Don’t forget to let us know how it worked for you. You can even leave us a comment on our Facebook page if you would like!

o I arrive on time and am excited and eager to get started.

o I know all my parts and easily play with a beautiful tone and sharp musicianship.

o I naturally feel the same beat as my instructor (or group) and we perform as an exquisite team.

o I will have a great rehearsal, and feel satisfied and confident.

o I am comfortable with my performances, and I am well prepared and know each part.

o I proudly display my fine musicianship to the world.

o I have fun playing music.

o I am creating awesome memories that will last my entire lifetime.

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