Music Kids Club

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Kids 3-5 yrs have a cool club at Music Box. Music Kids Club is a new Arts Enrichment programs for ages 3, 4, and 5. Each two-hour club session combines a Music based class with active learning and teacher-led immersive play. A Music theme ties the class activities together with songs, arts and crafts, movement, storey time and imaginative fun.

Each Music Box Kids Club class gives parents a two-hour window to relax with the confidence that their children are growing in love and knowledge of the arts. Rainy or sick? Don’t worry, Music Box Kids can drop-in for one session at a time, at anytime, total flexibility for busy schedules!

Music Kids Club
Each week the children interact with a different composer, musician, genre or instrument through fun activities. Activities such as Singing, Art, Movement, Musical Instrument Play, Listening Games and Storey Circles will guide the children through exploring weekly themes such as the Violin, Latin Music, Beethoven or Charlotte Diamond. They’ll boogie to Bach, draw pictures to Debussy, and play maracas with Raffi, back in two-hours to you with fresh ideas about the world of sound all around them.

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Drop-in – Anytime Offered

$25/2 hr class

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