Are you too old to start music lessons?

Are you worried it’s too late to start music lessons? You need to hear an amazing fact: did you know that Brahms wrote his first symphony when he was forty years old?

Even more incredibly, Andrea Bocelli actually practiced law until his mid-thirties. He finally became a best-selling artist at the age of forty-one. *

If Brahms and Bocelli can start getting noticed at the same time most people start having a mid-life crisis, then a person who is eleven, fifteen, twenty-six or thirty-four can actually begin training with a good head start. You may not sing like Bocelli at first, but we can give you some pointers.

Fact: At Music Box, our youngest student is Four, and our oldest student is Eighty-Five!

Music Lessons with our Professional Teachers

Smarter, Faster, Stronger

It’s a scientific fact that you become smarter when you start learning music. A 2003 Harvard study revealed that the brains of musicians had a larger volume of gray matter than the brains of non-­musicians. Music lessons also improve your ability to learn other subjects, such as math and languages.

Never picked up an instrument? Don’t worry – a beginner piano or violin student can learn to play a simple song on their instrument in as little as one lesson. We’ve seen our teachers take someone from barely able to form a note, to performing confidently in front of fellow students at our year-end recitals. And their energy and mood always get a boost from the confidence they get from learning a new skill.

You can start learning guitar, or singing no matter where you are in life. The most important thing is getting started.

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*Footnote: We should be clear that both Brahms and Bocelli had years of training prior to becoming famous, but their stories are included here to inspire others. Remember – skill is only a small part of success; attitude makes up the majority.