Why try our Kids Clubs for your 3-5 year old?



1. The ONLY New Westminster Drop-In Preschooler Arts Enrichment Class that does NOT require parent participation.

2. Drop-in classes mean you don’t have to worry if your child is sick or you go away one week. Life comes up, we understand and we’ll see you next week. You don’t pay for what you don’t attend.

3. No required parent participation. If you’d like to you’re more than welcome to participate. But you don’t have to. We find parents really enjoy the time off and children feel safe & themselves here.

4. Fun AND Educational. Children explore weekly themes with crafts, storeys, costume play, writing activities, singing, art, games, instruments, puppets & more.¬†It’s total Preschool Arts Immersion.

5. NEW prices! We offer high-end Music & Drama enrichment classes at affordable prices. Now, even more affordable!


 More information click here. Please bring a snack & water for your child on the first day and expect to fill out a short form. We look forward to meeting you!