What People Say

Sharon is great.  She is a good person, motivates me to enjoy the violin, is very friendly and kind.  She tries to explain things in detail so that I understand what I really have to do.  She even plays with me so that I know what to do. – Taelee
Sunshine is fantastic.  Very encouraging, and makes me feel comfortable – Callum
Alanna and I have a great connection.  Very encouraging for me to practice at home! – Vera
Blake does a great job keeping me interested.  He is great at adapting to what will me motivated.  He varies the lessons to match my mood, and what I will benefit from the most at each lesson – Kyla
Canita is very patient, and very tactful. – Naya
Alanna is great! Very kind and sweet.  Is the main reason I want to continue! – Anna
Blake is is a very good listener, and makes music fun. Really knows his stuff! – Andrew
Sunshine is a great teacher. She is gentle and patient.  She is finding my weaknesses and has taken the extra time during lessons to help me with them! –  Hina
Canita is a really nice teacher – Winona
Julia is a great teacher.  She is continuously challenging me to improve, and I have improved a lot! I love to be challenged, and my parents have noticed tons of improvement! – Naya
Since I started piano lessons with Kim, I have improved a lot.  I even practice without reminder the WHOLE day.  During the Christmas break, I played piano every single day, sometimes up to two hours! – Jorge
He had a such a good time with you @ Music Box he’s asking to come back ASAP!  – Karin
My lessons are going well. I like Debbie a lot. She is a good teacher. I like it when she plays with me (duets).  – Nelson & Melanie
 It was great. My daughter Miriam loved it. She was excited to go each day. I don’t remember the exact quote, but upon asking if she liked any of the instruments good enough to take some lessons she said, something like, “Well no, I already learned how to play them!” That being said, she enjoyed piano and ukulele the best, but loved each day, truly.  It was fun to expose her to instructional music and we’ll see where it leads! -Emily
Your music school is literally the best I’ve ever experienced, I don’t know how you do it with young kids, it’s amazing!! – Nicole D
My kids are still talking about the Music Camp – please send us info on upcoming programs, can hardly wait!  – Rani
Daughter & friends had a great day today at camp. Thank you!  – Ruby
Julia has taken the Piano Star Group Piano Class. She is doing very well. She is now teaching us how to play and she enjoys practicing her pieces.  – Karla
She’s already practicing, with no prodding from us at all. I’ve been raving about our experience with you to lots of others 🙂  – Colleen
Brynn had a fun time @ Music Kids Club! She loves it, thank you!  – Sheila
We would like to thank you for all the wonderful work you have done with Jacob. We wish you a wonderful summer and we are looking forward to continuing with his lessons in the fall.  – J
I wanted to say thank you for putting on such amazing activities yesterday. The instrument petting zoo was filled every time I walked by. Also no matter how hot the day had gotten, and how crowded the boardwalk, your staff and family members had the biggest smiles on their faces the entire time. I had several people come up to me and mention how great the activities were for the kids, and in particular the instrument area. Yesterday would not have been as close a success if it wasn’t for you guys. So thank you. – Salim H. -River Market Marketing Manager
The banjo and clarinet were absolutely wonderful.  It sounded beautiful as the music floated off our deck and around the yard while everyone had lunch and cake.  I was so impressed.  – Andrea
My daughter came in for the Mother’s Day “Sing-a-Gift”. She truly enjoyed herself in your studio and our whole family loved the recording! – Wanda
We quite enjoyed the Kids Club. You and your assistant are great teachers! Thanks a lot for your time and wonderful music class, Vashti. We like the report you provide for the individual student too! – Susie
Music Box is a fantastic academy providing kids the opportunity to gain confidence and joy in their musical abilities. The teachers are wonderful and the environment is fun loving and comfortable. Highly recommended!! 🙂 – Cathy
I first worked with Vashti in 2010 when she was the Musical Director for a production I was cast in.  Working on 3 productions with her since then, I discovered how professional, diligent and joyous she is to work with.  Her feedback was clear and her generosity in making all the fine-tuning needed was exceptional.  In 2013 I had a very important audition coming up to work with Professional cast and crew.  I heard that Vashti’s studio was in full force, so I went to her to go through my audition piece.  She chose another piece to use as a back up, just in case. Thank goodness we did, they asked me to use both and the one she chose made the entire panel laugh.  I got the part!!  Soon after, I used the same audition pieces and her feedback on them for another large production with a new theatre company. I booked that gig too and my first ever understudy role.  I just finished seeing Vashti again in July of 2014 to go over my callback pieces for a leading role I’ve wanted for some months.  She gave her fine-tuning feedback, support and… Just found out I booked the part!

Vashti has become my good-luck charm.  Seeing her for voice lessons and audition prep, benefits your chance to book the gig.  It’s worked for me!  I highly recommend any of my peers in the industry to go see Vashti at The Music Box.  Not only is she extremely talented and knowledgable, she is in your cheering section offering support along the way.

Matthew Fedorowicz

July 2014

 My daughter has adored working with Erika.  We appreciate everything and will recommend your company and the fantastic teachers we have had to anyone looking for such lessons. She has been very happy with her coaching. -Danielle B.
Just wanted to send a little note to say thank you very much for taking the time out to do a practice session with your students that was super cool of you, very much appreciated! All the treats were above and beyond the kids were so happy 🙂 -Nicole
Sanna loves her teacher. Sandra is very passionate and clearly loves what she is doing. -Amir
Stefani works at focusing our son’s attention on the experience he is having with the music, not solely on his level of accomplishment or ability in playing it. It is evident she cares about the student experience and how to “hook” them into learning.  – Darren
Jane is awesome!  – Mary Anne
Our son totally loved the camp. He was able to discover new instruments that he liked and he had a great time.  Thank you very much organizing this camp and for your efforts in teaching the secrets of music to our young boy! – Stefan & Claudia
I enjoyed all of the activities during the day camp. I have learned a lot about these three words: acting, singing and dancing. My favourites were crafts, mini-tour and getting treats. And I would love to do all of it again! – Aindreia
I’m really enjoying my lessons.  The location is very convenient, and the teachers I’ve worked with are very talented.  They have great personalities, and are very adaptable to my own learning styles.  I also appreciate their openness about what I need to work on! – Jacquie
My lessons so far have been really good; I’ve definitely seen improvement.  My teacher makes things fun for me during my lessons, and I’ve really liked working with her. – Ysabelle
I found my son started doing much better in school once he started playing piano. – Jag
Lessons with Christina have been perfect! She works hard, and I like that she gives me lots of different kinds of vocal exercises to practice! She’s awesome! – Yiran
We like working with Sandra! She has a great sense of humour and a lot of energy in our lessons. – Jeremiah & Neriah
I enjoy working with Daniel for guitar lessons. Daniel is very patient with me in lessons, which I really like. – Dennis
We really like working with Sandra; she’s so nice to work with. Our only regret is that we didn’t start voice lessons sooner! – Kyle
We like the variety, photos, and desserts at the recital. – Angelique S
Well organized, fast-moving, lovely location, happy/positive feeling at the recital. – Jennifer & Rick
Enjoyed the Kids in Motion, enjoyed the whole recital.  Lovely atmosphere; great to hear everyone improving. – Angela P
It was awesome!  I like the first song where they played and the dancers came on at the recital. -Sissa P
I liked the ballet dancer addition this year at the recital. -Vayla S
Lessons with Sandra have been great since Day 1!  I like that Sandra takes my suggestions about what kind of music I want to learn and brings in more of the same for me. – Paul G
We love working with Sam.  She gives us a lot of communication about what Abby is working on in her lessons, and is such a calm person.  We’re so happy we found you guys. – Jane & Abby D
My son said his lessons are going good and he likes his teacher because she is really nice.  I like her because she pushes him to do his best. – Karla W
Audrey really likes Stefani. They have fun together and Audrey is learning a lot about piano. – Brian K
Very happy with my decision to take music lessons, I highly recommend it. Great teachers and a very competitive price. – Shawn F
I’m really happy with Angelica; she is amazing and really fun to be around. She makes the lessons fun rather than serious and dry. – Naz J
Our lessons are great. My son is now going to the piano at home on his own, and just sitting down and practicing, or playing songs he makes up. I can see week to week how much progression he’s making, and it’s really impressive! It’s just amazing how much he’s picked up so quickly. – Alex A
My son Grayson attended the spring break camp and had a blast.  When I asked him what his favourite instrument was, he said the drums.  We look forward to attending again next year! – Daniela D
Angelica has been great! She is very knowledgeable and helpful, and I often find myself looking forward to my classes with her. I know she will always bring something new and exciting that will push me to learn a little harder. – Jorge M-R
Stefani is amazing; she really has a way with students and puts a lot of soul/energy into her lessons. Our family really likes your school and everything you do. – Ruslan & Kate N
My voice lessons are going really well and they’re helping to improve my range. Christina makes the lessons fun. – Eden G
I enjoy working with Daniel; he’s a fun teacher. – Lilac Q
Sandra is funny and nice and we’re very comfortable working with her. Our daughter is really looking forward to the recitals; she was nervous to perform before but now she’s excited. – Felicito & Kyle I
Lessons with Sandra have been excellent! I like that I get to work on songs that I enjoy. – Nicole D
Loved seeing students of all abilities perform at the recital. – Kailie C
What a wonderful performance by everyone at the recital. Well Done! – Celeste J
The recital was perfect.  Good introduction, good ending and great performances! – Brian K
The recital was welcoming, accommodating, engaging!  Students were calm and all performed very well. Two thumbs up! – Robert C
The recital was nice and casual but also super professional; so impressed! – Sonia G
Loved the recital format – 1 hour performance is cozy and great for little ones. – Alex A
It was the awesomest recital I’ve ever been to! – Sissa P
Kieran’s grades have really improved this semester since he started taking music lessons.  His incentive was that he had to finish his homework or we wouldn’t go to lessons; his grades have since moved from Cs to Bs! – Sheila L
Stefani never gives up on me and encourages me to work harder and focus on fixing my mistakes. – Kate N
Kate is always excited and eager to learn something new and perform better. Stefani’s skills, attitude and kindness always bring out the best in Kate’s work. We are very grateful for Stefani’s outstanding work and help. – Ruslan N
Ray is loving her piano lessons with Stefani. She often practices at home spontaneously, without prompting, which is awesome. – Miki N
Claire’s lessons are going very well. Her teacher is great; very encouraging and honest. I can’t believe how incredibly organized and well-run the Music Box is, your staff is amazing! – Catherine A
My daughter says that her teacher is nice and patient. I can feel her passion towards what she is doing and her sincerity in sharing her talent to her students. – Jackie U
My daughter learned a lot from your summer camp. When we saw a piano on the streets of Vancouver, she immediately went to it & played saying ” high note, low note”. She enjoyed meeting new friends, new teachers & going to new places. She would love to continue learning, & is considering taking violin lessons. – Cherry S
Madeleine thoroughly enjoyed her time in the camp. She liked the instructors. She especially liked how there was music for half the day, and then an out trip for the second half of the day. As parents we liked the flex pick-up. The exposure to multiple instruments through out the camp was a good way for Madaleine to get a taste of each and determine what she would like to learn further. Definitely recommended! – Nelson S
Stephen loves his piano lessons so much. His teacher has been a very good piano teacher and she can make students learn without feeling bored and she always cares about her students’ needs. Music Box is always Awesome! – Paul N
James loved Rock Band Camp last week. He got to try out loads of new instruments, including some he had never heard of before. With his newly formed band “Thunderbolts” they put on a great performance! – Fiona S
My favourite thing about the Rock Band Camp was EVERYTHING! I loved the music and the people and the instruments. It was awesome. – Isaiah M
We loved our son’s enthusiasm about the Rock Band camp. He was super-excited about the music, as well as the afternoon adventures and art/craft sessions. He couldn’t wait to get there each morning, and really didn’t want to leave in the late afternoon. We also appreciated that the kids got outside and into the community via the Anvil Centre, Pier Park, and more. Really good stuff. Please keep doing what you’re doing! – Tonya M
I am really enjoying my lessons and I am thrilled at the progress I am making. I never thought I would be playing this well after three months. I have enjoyed my time with Lynn and now look forward to my time with Jordana. I love the flexibility of my lesson times as it works well with my schedule and future travel plans. I look forward to many more lessons with you. I would recommend you to everyone. – Jim C
Tala, as well as her brother Adam, love their teacher Christina. She is funny, dynamic and passionate about her work. She makes their lessons fun, and her positive and happy attitude is contagious. – Nisrine B
Stefani’s great. She always asks Gwyneth about her day/week; Gwyneth likes/loves to talk about herself :P. Stefani is also very positive, and the positive reinforcement during the lesson really helps. – Michael S
My lessons are progressing well. Daniel is a patient and methodical instructor and likes to improve my technique in playing the guitar. I like that he goes over what I have learned until I have shown improvement. He is generous with his praises and I look forward to the next lesson and to be challenged. – Zed A
Music Box has provided Lukas a great environment for learning about and making music. – Peter J
Anne is awesome! She pulls out different methods to keep Lucas learning and engaged. She’s patient and encouraging. I like how she noticed that Lucas wasn’t interested in playing the songs given to him, and quickly helped him compose his own song to practice! Very creative and encouraging. – Faye L
Daniel is exceptionally patient with Leland and they now have a great working relationship, complete with laughter in the lesson. Leland loves going and practising his ukulele. It has become a part of his day he truly enjoys! – Lynda R
Both of my kids seem very happy and instantly comfortable with their teachers (Debbie and Daniel). They told me right away after meeting them that they loved their teachers. I like that Debbie seems to tailor the learning to the student and work at their pace. She is also teaching form and posture at the piano which I like. It’s not just about the song but about the approach to the instrument which I think is very important. Avery practices a lot at home without being asked (sometimes will jump up after dinner and play her song…or just before bed), and Nevaeh seems truly happy to be taking lessons and is enjoying that she is actually learning how to play guitar. – Noelle M
Canita is patient, kind, sensitive, tactful, and works well with children. We’re pleased with the instruction that Naya is receiving. Rhoda & Norm J
We really appreciate how supportive Music Box has been of our endeavour to play together as a family!

Please be sure to give Tim a huge “Thank you!” on our behalf. Truly, without the amendments that he helped me with during my Masterclass, we would not have pulled off such a tight performance at the winter recital. Those two parts that he changed for me made all the difference!

Working with Steve has been instrumental in inspiring Galen. Galen went from initially dragging his heels, to declaring that he was “born to drum!”.

Ju Dee’s participation was also essential to our success. Her willingness to create an arrangement that would work was awesome! Zoé put a lot of effort into learning and honing her part, and she really was the highlight of certain sections. She seems to really enjoy playing the violin, and is very proud of her skill.

Jordana is helping me to grind away at the fundamentals of piano playing. Although practicing scales may not always be fun, it will probably be more useful in the end, with enough drilling, and I am grateful for her patience.

Working to be able to perform for a broader audience has surely created lasting memories (and warm fuzzies) for our family. We feel the year of lessons has been totally worth the cost. – Cate M

Jordana is a good teacher who obviously has a passion for what she does. She is friendly and thorough, and she challenges me at a pace that I think is encouraging without being frustrating. Yes, I can be quoted! – Johnny K
Sandra is excellent with Ben; she gives him positive feedback and what he needs to work on. She is full of energy, friendly, and very approachable, and I feel that she is always well-prepared. – Julieta K
All of the teachers that we have had a Music Box have been flexible, adaptable, and all well-qualified musicians. Mike is an excellent guitar teacher, who is quick to gauge what your interests are, with no pressure to follow a certain program or book. Adam is great with kids, keeping them interested with good song choices and good drills. For the ones that are keen to learn, it is easy, but where he really shines is keeping the ones interested that are not so keen to learn. Sandra is a great teacher, and our son has been making great strides in his playing since she has taken over his learning. He always comes out of his lesson excited. – Kris H
My lessons are going fantastic. Blake is awesome and it has been fun working with him. He is always enthusiastic and ready to share his knowledge of music. I learn so much about guitar and music and it is all at my own pace. – Samantha P
I’m very happy with Talietha’s guidance as a teacher. She knows her field well and is willing to be rigorous about developing technique and vocal control. As a working musician I appreciate the additional training. – Ben D
Canita has been great to work with. I have never done a private music class before and haven’t sung in a trained setting in some time. Canita has made it very smooth by slowly increasing the difficulty of the pieces while increasing my vocal range. I also appreciate the attention she has given to the quality of the sound of my voice. From the first day she asked if I was more interested in music theory or the sound of my voice. My main interest in initially signing up for classes was trying to identify my own individual sound and Canita has allowed for that.

I appreciate how communicative our lessons are. The discussions about why I sound the way I do and what I can do to change it has not only improved my voice, but allows me to better critique myself at home while I practice. Plus by making it informal I don’t have to focus on being the best student I can be and just enjoy singing. Overall, my lessons have been very enjoyable! – Ryan M



Do you have anything to say about your experience? Hearing feedback of every type is very important to us – we’re here for you!

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